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Practice Safe Touch

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It is our mission to provide you and your family with protection against viruses and bacteria associated with the use of ATM machines and other touch screen devices. We pledge to offer a fineline of new and innovative products to help keep you safe as you utilize ATMs, self service customer checkouts, public information kiosks, and other touch screen applications!
                          REMEMBER, Use MAC CADDY... Practice Safe Touch 


 Protect Yourself ---- Protect Your Family
Swine Flu, MRSA, and other viruses, like many germs, prefer warm, moist environments, so they live on hard surfaces such as touch screens, ATMs, and doorknobs for only a few minutes.  But because these devices are used often throughout the day, they're frequently reinfected.
Studies of touch screens contaminated by germs, bacteria, and viruses have been performed with the results reported for many years.  Today, it is critical that we pay attention and take precautionary measures to protect ourselves while using these convenient yet risky devices.
NBC News has listed the ATM machine as one of the top ten dirtiest places in America. (Today Show, 10/23/07).
MSNBC and CBS news have investigated and reported the facts about the bacteria travelers encourten at airports and hotels.  First stop:  the check-in monitor or kiosk.
Self service touch screens and other instances where you must "touch screen" to begin, or "enter your PIN number" are on the rise.
Millions of people use the ATM machine and self-service check outs on a daily basis leaving trillions of colonies of germs and bacteria behind.  Colonies of germs and bacteria may form on even freshly washed hands. Infants and children are more susceptible to illnesses and diseases.  Protect your family; protect yourself!  






We've Got You Covered


The MAC Caddy provides protection in the form of exclusively patented disposable finger shields.  Each wallet is fully loaded with finger protection which is stored in a pocket of this fashionable ATM wallet which also offers a convenient location to carry your debit / credit cards and identification such as your driver's license. 


Simply place the disposable finger shield over the finger you use to enter your PIN number or touch screen, then safely and hygienically conduct your transaction.  Acquire your information and receipt.

Dispose of your finger shield in the nearest waste receptacle feeling confident that you are virus and germ free!  


Viruses don't pass through the skin, they can live on the fingers and enter the body when people touch their mouths, eyes or noses, say William Schaffner, an infectious-disease expert and professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. 


People touch their faces a lot - 16 times an hour for adults and more than 80 times an hour for children under age 2, says Charles Gerba, a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona.


Please use the following link to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to get more information on germs, bacteria, viruses and Swine Flu. Learn about steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.